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Women. Change. Society.

On 1 September 2018, Femtec.Alumnnae e.V. organized its annual gala dinner bringing together alumni, partner and supporters. Here She Is was invited as external guest organization.

Femtec.Alumnae e.V. is an association of and for scientists and engineers; a network of more than 500 women working in the STEM area. By means of seminars and workshops as well as mentor-programs, Femtec.Almunae supports the professional development of its members and encourages female students to choose a career path in the field of STEM. Just like Here She Is, Femtec.Alumnae e.V. is strongly committed to promoting an equal working culture - throughout Germany and worldwide. Thereby, it seeks to bring about a rethinking in our society in the long run: Women. Change. Society.

Here She Is and Femtec.Almunae are aware of the importance of networks in pursuing a successful professional career path, to discuss careers, daily challenges and personal development with peers. Networks contribute to increasing the career opportunities of women, illustrate unique possibilities for women to exchange feedback and tips. To this extent, Here She Is was invited to attend this year’s Femtec.Alumnae gala dinner to exchange best practices and experience in organizing networking events.

Highlights of the evening were Bascha Mika and Brigitte Zypries. German journalist Bascha Mika is editor-in-chief of the Frankfurter Rundschau, a German daily newspaper based in Frankfurt/Main. She delivered a speech about the "cowardice" of women, encouraging them to empower themselves rather than finding fault in society. Brigitte Zypries, former German Minister for Economics and Energy, spoke about the importance of women for a strong economy, identifying the need for laws and quotas to reinforce gender equality.

Sharing experiences is also the main goal of the Femtec project ‘Frau Macht’. The team of Femtec volunteers collects the stories of women of different ages that wish to share experience from different phases of their life with regard to job, pregnancy, self-determination or decision-making. An e-book providing for a collection of stories will be available shortly. You can reserve your version here.

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