This is us:  Julia, Sarah, and Ronja Wagner. We are three cosmopolitan sisters who grew up near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. We live in different parts of the world: Silicon Valley, Brussels, and Vienna. We experience the same issues in our professional environment: too few female role models who can serve as an inspiration for pursuing leadership positions and become thought leaders. And bias all around us, including in our own heads. 


This is how 'Here She Is' came to life: Through our interviews, we share the inspiring stories of visionary women and share their strategies and tactics for success in private and professional life. We also share perspectives from leaders of all genders in order to create understanding, support and break down bias.

Lastly, is our mission to foster dialogue, exchange, and peer-mentoring through interactive and partially unconventional connection events. 


Julia Wagner

Host & Exec. Producer

Sarah Wagner


Ronja Wagner



Simon Peck

Audio Engineer