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3 TED Talks by Women in Science

February 11, 2018 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. There are some remarkable girls and women in science, indeed! They have or are on their way to contribute great things. On top of that, many of them not only have great character but are also quite entertaining on stage. Greeting some inspirational personas, here's a selection of TED women talks for you to check out!


Trisha Prabhu - is a 17-year-old social entrepreneur and inventor of ReThink - a patented text screening app that attempts to prevent cyberbullying by detecting offensive comments and communicating it to the author before sending. She took action after reading about a teenage suicide. Find her at .


Tali Sharot - is an associate professor of cognitive neuroscience in the department of Experimental Psychology at University College London. Listen to her entertaining talk about the optimism bias and answer her interactive questions to learn something new about yourself.


Mary Roach - is a popular science writer. Her background is actually in psychology but she early on started to become a writer and found that her science articles found the greatest popularity. We think that we need more women like her: communicators, entertainers who can spark an interest in scientific topics and convey them in an exciting way. Watch her talk, laugh and learn some surprising things'll see!


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