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If you know a woman or man who can give advise on professional development, career management, and who is advancing female empowerment and diversity, please submit a nomination below.

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July 30 - August 3, 2018

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August 6-10, 2018

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The list of ​'Here She Is' Community interview proposals:

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Nadja El Fertasi
Stakeholder Engagement Senior Executive Coordinator
NATO Communications and Information Agency
Nadja is a female role model in NATO and passionate about unlocking human potential and talent in the digital age. Nadja had a drive and an endless energy to help others advance and thrive in their professional and personal lives. She will feature on the next volume of the best selling book series of 20beautifulwomen. After 17 years working for NATO, she is pursuing an entrepreneurial career and will become a certified NLP Life and Motivational Coach as well as a professional branding consultant in the public sector. Her journey in continuously breaking glass ceilings from being a secretary to a senior executive in NATO will inspire many to thrive in their professional careers.
Radana Simakova
CEO/ Community Manager
Young female leader of innovation, launching a successful & selected startup in Prague; inspirational, full of positive energy & enthusiasm to share with other creative and curious leaders of her generation. LinkedIn:!/home/main
Omika Suryawanshi
The Admit List
Omika is the founder of The Admit List, a national effort to provide low-income high school students with free, remote college counseling. A big part of her work involves engaging underrepresented communities, especially women.
Terri Broussard Williams
Vice President, Government Relations
American Heart Association
Terri is an inspirational leader that transcends all ages, gender and ethincity. Terri believes that leaders turn moments into movements and she walks the walk. Terri has served on more than 2 dozen non profit boards, mentors many young women across the country and serves on the board for the Assocaition of Junior Leagues International which has 150k women on its roster. Terri is known for giving solid career advice and for helping people see different perspectives to overcome obstacles. She refers to bad ass women as #Firestarter but she is one herself!
Jessica Alba (Example)
The Honest Company
Super successful in her first career as actress and later on leader the Honest company.
Melissa Griffiths
Speaker and Consultant
Melissa Griffiths
I would like to be interviewed by because of all the work I do to raise awareness on gender identity. I have written in the media on how to make the workplace more inclusive for transgender people and wrote in The Guardian about been bullied as well as my involvement with NOW Australia. I have also spoken on radio and tv about my journey and issues transgender people like myself face. I have also shared my journey on social media and written for various websites about this. I have also spoken at various events about my journey including speaking at VicRoads Andy Brace Education.
Nadja Elfertasi
Senior Stateholder Coordinator
Nadja is an excellent example of a the "can do" woman. She inspires and motivates us all to be better.
Terry Broussard
American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Terry is very inspiring and motivational, an excellent connector.
Mylene Tu
Founder of FEM in STEM / UWaterloo Engineering Undergraduate
It may be a little odd to nominate myself however, I've been an introvert all my life and I am proud to say that I've finally found my voice through empowering young women to do the same. I am an 18-year-old social entrepreneur who founded FEM in STEM in April of this year to help bridge the gender gap in science, tech, engineering, and math through bridging high school girls across Ontario together and providing visibility of opportunity. In June, I received an Empowerment Award from the Canadian Coalition to Empower Women and the BPW. I am also the COO of Crossbow Miles Canada- an organization supporting women Empowerment in India. I have taken my failures and roadblocks as a female in STEM to champion change and inspire young females.
Ana Fontes
Rede Mulher Empreendedora (RME) one of the most known and accessible female leaders in Brazil. RME is very well known and praised among female entrepreneurs.
Jie (Sharon) Zhao
U.S., Chinese, and European Patent Attorney
Proi World Intellectual Property
As an attorney on the three continents of America, Europe and Asia, Sharon represents the global protection of intellectual property with global impact and across cultures that could not be more diverse.
Margarete Stokowski
Author that has the courage to discuss topics regarding female empowerment nobody else would dare to do.
Nerea Luis
PhD Student on Multi-Agent Planning (AI)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
She has only 27 and in the meanwhile was able to found T3chFest, the biggest -and free- Science&Tech event of Spain entirely organized by students (+1,600 attendees, 80 talks, high school day, hackathon, programming contest). In 2016 she was awarded by Google and did some research with Manuela M.Veloso, former Head of the Machine Learning Department of Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and now head of AI at JP Morgan.
Stella Kim
Co-Founder and CXO
Stella is an incredible leader, driving a high-growth startup with passion, vision, and a human touch that delivers joy to both customers as well as employees.
Bahaar Shukla
Mehta & Co.
I would like to nominate myself because I want to as many as women I can to help share their piece of cake with those who have not been even privileged to see what it looks like.
Dita Charanzová
European Parliament
Dita is a leading MEP on all things digital and related to the Single Market. She has been the author of the EU web accessibility directive and thr consumer half of the European telecom code and shadow rapporteur on almost everything else. She is also a key advisor to the Czech Prime Minister, advising on the Czech position vis-á-vis the European Union. All this and she is balancing her work and family.
Jose Heesink
Associate Professor Conflict Management
University Groningen
Strong engagement for female professors at University of Groningen
Jose Heesink
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Jose Heesink taught me all about conflict management. She has had her own company while still working for the university-a lot of experience. And definitely a lot of stories on how she managed to bring more women in charge. Inspiring!
Lisa Freshwater
Because Lisa has been able to create platforms and helping communities meld and grow together in a safe non judgmental environment . The younger generation are empowered to be themselves and those that are older to understand how as a society it is changing and enabling people to understand and learn the evolved society that work and live in. Lisa is also on the board for Trans Sydney Pride . Volunteered her experience and time in creating shows to raise money and awareness such as Hats Off, Trans stories 40yrs for Mardi Gras, Trans family, friends & Allies for Pride. Videos for Transgender day of awareness , and has helped direct and choreographed the last two years of Trans Sydney Prides march in the Mardi Gras parade.
Melissa Griffiths
Speaker, consultant
Melissa Griffiths
I would to nominate myself as I do a lot to raise awareness on gender identity. I have spoken on radio and tv as well written articles on how to make the workplace more inclusive for transgender people. I am also on the steering committee of NOW Australia set up by Tracey Spicer. I shared my story recently in The Guardian newspaper about been bullied and my involvement with NOW Australia. I have also spoken at various events and more recently have spoken about my journey at VicRoads and Brace Education. I would consider it an honour to be interviewed by
Vanessa Bauch
Director Project Management for Europe, Africa & Asia-Pacific
Vanessa's fantastic and everyone should meet her - radiates energy and positivity while focusing on getting things done...real class act...
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