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DeepConnect™ -  Make Networking Meaningful

DeepConnect™ is an approach to make instant, deep and meaningful connections. 

As female professionals in various career stages, we know that networking is important. Whether discussing careers and personal development with peers and mentors/mentees or simply trying to form a network in a new city - there are numerous motivations to meet new people. Yet, many events end in stiff encounters and repetitive small talk. We help you break the script!

DeepConnect™ is an evidence-based engagement approach that uses psychological principles and personalized input to achieve instant, deep and lasting connections between participants at in-person events. Attendees fill out a survey sharing things such as personal interests, areas of expertise and growth. Here She Is from this curates personalized suggestions for conversation partners and topics in a printable, branded format.  


...try it for your event!

We have developed and evolved DeepConnect™ with the Here She Is community. Contact us to talk about how it can be used for your event. 

The Process

1. Pick a connection purpose

Pick your connection purpose, e.g. matching partners for peer mentoring .

You can choose from different options. 

2. Collect survey answers

Send out survey link with your event invite and collect answers  connected to your ID. 

3. Connect meaningfully

Receive a printable list of conversation topics and partners per participant with your company brand and event information.

Let the magic connections happen at your event!

What Participants Say

Avatar 109

“By far, these were the most interesting and profound conversations I ever had with strangers.”

Avatar 102

“The event created an openness that I have never experienced in that way before, coupled with a lightheartedness of interaction."

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