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Peer Mentoring


What  is this question format for?

This can be used to find peers with similar interests or experiences. You might use this for a meetup to make instant great connections.

At the end of the event:

Participants will have had profound conversations with peers who have had similar experiences and learned from each other about best practises and common struggles.


  • Fill in organizer survey. Pick a unique identifier and form closing date (latest 24h prior to event).  

  • Upon submission of your form, we will contact you to align your participant questionnaire (standard or modified format) and provide you with a sharable link.

  • Share participant link and 'identifier' with your audience.  

  • Receive printable and event-branded individual participant conversation suggestions via mail. 

  • In case of questions or special requests, contact us

Participant Survey

Please share this link with your audience and ask them to submit your unique identifier (6-digit number) from the event setup. (Don't have one yet? Go to setup page)

You may either embed the form in your own website or send visitors to our site. 

Survey Link on

Survey Link on Google Forms

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